Minamata Unit 2015: Wrapping up

Minamata Team 015 1-Daily Blog Post, Blog, Minamata Unit 2015, Reports March 5, 2015

Today is the last day of our field exercise. We reported our progress on group projects- blog, game and video. The group working on the daily blog (which you are reading now) reported on the knowledge and insights gained from the exercise. Explanatory diagrams made by extrapolating information from the book “The Science Behind Minamata Disease” were explained. Reflections shared in the daily posts were summarized. The group is planning to reorganize the blog posts under a logical theme aside from the present chronological order. It was suggested that the blog would have a comments section to which the group agreed.

The second group is developing a game involving negotiations in building consensus. They aim to engage people while making them learn more about the issues of the Minamata Disease and more importantly, know how complex the issues are by being in the shoes of the stakeholders involved. Feedback from the group revolved around how to make the game more engaging. It was suggested that the game be shared also in the GPSS students’ website.

The last group presented their overall plan for the video as well as clips that they are going to use for it. It was nice that aside from tediously capturing the various talks and lectures, they also did interviews. They also placed English subtitles for the answers said in Japanese. Most of the comments suggested that they make their video more focused as well as related to the blog posts.

The whole session and field exercise was wrapped up by Prof. Onuki. He said he was very satisfied with our outputs so far- they show how comprehensively we have learned about Minamata Disease. For him, we performed better than the previous two groups. He is looking forward to April wherein we will present our final outputs, which he is excited to share to his future students.

Author: Angeli Guadalupe; Contributors: Mahdi Ikhlayel, Heng Yi Teah, Joanne Khew