Introduction to Minamata Unit 2015

Minamata Team 015 Blog, Minamata Unit 2015, Reports April 29, 2015

February 27 to March 4, 2015, the University of Tokyo sent ten students from its Graduate Program on Sustainability Science- Global Leadership Initiative and two students from its Department of Urban Engineering to Minamata City to study the issues behind the Minamata Disease via stakeholder interviews and site visits. This resilience exercise is conducted once in two years. Traditionally, group’s outputs are written review reports. This time, the group aims to produce laypeople-friendly knowledge on the disaster via a blog, a video and a game in order to increase general awareness on the disaster.

The blog consists of three parts-1. Daily Blog Post (Archiving the activities during the trip), 2. The Story in 8 Posts (The concise knowledge to understand Minamata), 3. 八则水俣病的通识课 (The Chinese version for part 2.).

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