Alexandros Gasparatos’s Lab

Main research themes

1. Sustainability Assessment

We conduct research on multiple sustainability impacts in different types of systems such as industrial, waste management, renewable energies and agricultural practices.

2. Food Security

We assess food security outcomes of different development interventions. Our current focus is on industrial crops in Africa

3. Ecosystem Services

We conduct theoretical and empirical research on valuation of different ecosystem services





Ahmed, A., Jarzebski, MP, Gasparatos, A., 2017. Using the ecosystem service approach to determine whether jatropha projects were located in marginal lands in Ghana: implications for site selection. Biomass and Bioenergy, In Press

Ahmed, A., Campion, B., Gasparatos, A., 2017. Biofuel development in Ghana: policies of expansion and drivers of failure in the jatropha sector. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 70, 133-149.

Ahmed, A., Gasparatos, A., 2016. Rapid sustainability appraisal of collapsed jatropha projects in Ghana using local community perceptions: Methodological implications for sustainability science, in Esteban, M., Akiyama, T., Chiahsin, C., Ikeda, I. (Eds.), Sustainability Science: Field Methods and Exercises. Springer, Berlin, pp. 119-227

Gasparatos, A., Doll, C., Esteban, M. Ahmed, A., Olang, T., 2017. Biodiversity and renewable energy: Implications for transitioning to a Green Economy. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 70, 161-184

Special Awards

  • Abubakari Ahmed. Green Talents Award. 2016.