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Masters Alumni
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October 1, 2013
Primary Advisor
After completing a bachelor degree of environmental engineer in Shanghai, China, FAN Haibo continued his master study towards sustainability science in Tokyo, Japan. At present his study focuses on water resource management in Beijing Metropolis, especially recycled water. He possessed several extracurricular sustainability-related experiences as well, including volunteer work in EXPO and internship in energy sector. He still keep the intention of making further contribution to sustainable development of the world. Outside of academia, he is an active person who has many hobbies, such as travelling, photography, model making, guitar, football and so forth.
Research Title
Water crisis has been one of the most significant issues restricting sustainable development in Beijing for a few decades (Yao et al, 2005), Water quantity shortage and quality deterioration interact each other and make a joint effect, among which water quantity shortage is tougher a problem for human to tackle, which makes up my research emphasis. With the balance analysis between water demand and supply sector, a general work flow map has been established as a basis of further study, which defines key factors and indicating values that influence the balance per se. Based on a rough comparison analysis of the importance of each factor, priority of researches has been determined. For example, rain water usage is estimated to only count for 4% in the potential water supply side, which means an inferior importance comparing to groundwater which counts for 30%. A preliminary study about South to North Water Diversion (StNWD) has been conducted according to the significance, while consistent work about recycled water is being underway at present, and perhaps will become a particular direction in the future. A lot of studies have been done around recycled water issue as well as that in Beijing, including comprehensive researches like recycled water management model (Peng et al, 2012), but most of them are in technical discussion and targeted at very specific field, including irrigation, urban greening and so forth (Li et al, 2013; Wang et al, 2014; Chen et al, 2013). Yet no studies are done by evaluating the sustainability of whole recycled sectors holistically. This research is aiming to seek for a breakthrough among these weakness.
Reserch Keywords
Recycled water, resource, quality, quantity, crisis
Research Interests
Methodology of quantifying sustainability, sustainability in energy sector, mechanism of developing a water saving society.