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Doctoral Student
Date of Enrolment
April 1, 2017
Primary Advisor
Hongru obtained a BSc in Biological Sciences from Northwest University, China, in 2007, and an MSc in Water and Environmental Management from the University of Bristol, UK, in 2009. During this period he has done research in the ecological behaviour of Rhinopithecus roxellanae (snub-nosed monkey) and the impacts of growing biofuel crops on biodiversity.

Hongru worked in environmental consulting and investment for several years, both in the UK and in China. He is a chartered engineer verified by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China.
Research Title
The Sustainability of Investment and Construction of Eco-Industrial Parks in China (Tentative)
Reserch Keywords
Sustainability, Eco-Industrial Park, Circular Economy, Green Economy, Eco-System Evaluation, Economics, Sociology, Environment, Investment
Research Interests
Hongru has evaluated many environmental projects in China and witnessed the outcomes of these investments as part of his wok in environmental consultancy and investment. After decades of rapid economic growth, China is facing fierce environmental challenges as never before, not only in scale but also in complexity. Still, the investment in and construction of environmental projects, particularly Eco-Industrial Parks, is growing at a fast pace, and this is expected to continue for quite some time. However, are such environmental investments really sustainable when taking a holistic view? With a transdisciplinary background, Hongru is hoping to get a glimpse of the big picture of the relation between ecological, economic and the societal systems using Eco-Industrial Parks as his research focus.