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Doctoral Student
Date of Enrolment
April 1, 2013
Primary Advisor
Ongoing project: Contextualizing solutions for urban biodiversity conservation via quantification of social and ecological indicators (landscape preference, nature perception and habitat-specific species-richness).
Previous research experience: Urban greening and phytoremediation, vascular plant physiology and tissue culture, taxanomy of estuarine zooplankton and the contribution of physical infrastructure to building tsunami disaster resilience.
Research Title
Contextualizing Urban Biodiversity Conservation: A Case study on Socio-Ecological Indicators in Singapore, Tokyo (23 Wards Area) and Vancouver
Reserch Keywords
Urban Planning, Urban Biodiversity Conservation, Public Perception, Landscape Preference, Nature Perception
Research Interests
Urban Biodiversity Conservation, Landscape Valuation, Disaster Resilience, Phytoremediation, Mangrove Ecosystem Services
Peer Reviewed Papers:

1. Khew, YTJ., Yokohari, M, Tanaka, T. 2014. Public Perception of Nature and Landscape Preference in Singapore. Human Ecology. Human Ecology. DOI: 10.1007/s10745-013-9622-8.

2. Khew, YTJ. Recommendations for urban biodiversity conservation in the context of landscape preference. Urban Biodiversity Conference Proceedings. (In press)

Books and Book Chapters

1. Tan SN, Hassan NH, Ge L, Khew JYT, Lam SNH, Chua JC, Yong JWH, Tan PY, Loh B, Sim M. Chapter 2: Considerations on plant selections. In: Yong JWH, Tan PY, Hassan NH, Tan SN (eds.) 2010. A Selection of Plants for Greening of Waterways and Waterbodies in the Tropics. CUGE, National Parks Board, Singapore. pp 44-68.

2. Yong JWH, Khew JYT, Ng YF. 2010. Epiphytes in an urban setting. In: Tertilt TM (Eds.). Guiding principles for Enhancing urban Biodiversity: A handbook for Urban Planners, Landscape Architects and Park Managers. CUGE, Singapore.

3. Yong JWH, Wei JW, Khew JYT, Sheue CR, Wong WS. 2015. A guide to the common epiphytes and mistletoes in Singapore. National Parks Board, Singapore.
2015: 9th IALE (International Association of Landscape Ecology) World Congress
2015: GPSS-GLI International Symposium
2014: IASUR (International Alliance for Sustainable Urbanization and Regeneration) International Conference
2012: URBIO (Urban Biodiversity) International Conference