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Doctoral Alumni
Viet Nam
Date of Enrolment
October 1, 2009
Primary Advisor
Dan completed her Bachelor’s degree at the National University of Economics in Vietnam in 2008, majoring in Environmental Economics. After working for Vietnam Environmental Protection Fund as a project appraisal specialist, she went to Japan to earn a Master’s degree in Sustainability Science under MEXT program in 2009. Dan is now a Ph.D. candidate of the same program at the University of Tokyo. She is interested in promoting education for sustainable development in universities by integrating the diversity of students.
Research Title
Managing diversity of students for sustainability education in higher institutions
Reserch Keywords
sustainability, pedagogy, diversity, inter-discipline, cultural differences
Research Interests
ESD, student’s interactions, group work management, teaching methodology
Journal Article (under review)

Nguyen Linh Dan, Mino Takashi. Student diversity in studying sustainability in higher education. Submitted to Journal of Education for Sustainable Development (JESD).
Conferences (Oral Presentation):

Nguyen Linh Dan, Mino Takashi. The role of disciplinary and cultural diversity in sustainability education: from the perspective of both students and teachers. The 2nd International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference 2013, Miri, Malaysia December 9-10 2013.

Nguyen Linh Dan, Mino Takashi. Testing The Impact of Students Diversity in Sustainability Education by Case Study in Higher Education in Japan. International Conference on Education and Social Sciences, ICEASS 2013, Singapore September 13-15 2013.

Nguyen Linh Dan, Mino Takashi, Onuki Motoharu. Sustainability Education and Diversity of Students in the Context of Higher Education in Japan - IPOS case study. The Third Asian Conference on Education. Osaka (ACE 2011), Japan October 27-30 2011.

Poster Presentation

Nguyen Linh Dan, Mino Takashi, Onuki Motoharu. Sustainability Education and Diversity of Students in Japan Higher Education. Poster Presentation, the Third International Conference on Sustainability Science (ICSS 2012), Arizona, United States, February 20-24 2012.