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Masters Alumni
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October 1, 2013
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Proud Tokyo-jin.

After completing my B.A. Economics (with distinction) at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, I came back to Japan wanting to deepen my understanding of sustainability and learn how economics concepts I have learned can be applied to the field.

When not working, I spend much of my downtime exercising and having good food with friends (I can see myself turning into a health freak!). I believe eating and exercising right is the key to happiness and success in life.
Research Title
"Maximizing Environmental Load Mitigation Benefits from Clean Vehicle Incentives"

Conventional transportation policymaking tends to focus on tangible benefits and costs and overlook social and environmental aspects, resulting in bias in decision making. My research is an attempt to quantitatively demonstrate incorporating underutilized traffic resources into financial incentive policies for electric vehicles will enhance social and environmental benefits, taking British Columbia as an example.
Reserch Keywords
Transportation, Electric Vehicles, Policy Instruments, Policy Assessment
Research Interests
Environmental Economics, Microeconomics, Cost Benefit Analysis