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Doctoral Student
Date of Enrolment
October 1, 2014
Primary Advisor
Professor Kohzo ITO 伊藤 耕三
Ranaporn obtained a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from Chulalongkorn University where her early research was in organic chemistry. Right upon her graduation in 2009, she was selected as a Young Researcher from Thailand to participate in the 59th Meeting of Nobel Laureates (dedicated to Chemistry) in Lindau, Germany. This lifetime experience not only did broaden her view in applied chemistry, but also inspired her to pursue MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College London.

During 2011 to 2013, she gained work experience from both multinational company and local business with similar roles towards companies’ sustainable growth. Impressed with an experience from the 39th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP), Ranaporn decided to further her PhD study in Japan.
Research Title
Sectoral systems of innovation: A case study of solar photovoltaics
Reserch Keywords
Photovoltaics, PV competitiveness, PV policy
Research Interests
- Innovation process is adopted as a theoretical framework to approach the complexity and rich dynamics embedded within PV industry

- Sectoral system of innovation (SSI) is used as a methodological framework to identify PV industry structure, dynamics, and transformation in both global and national scales

- Concepts of technological diffusion and conditions for catch-up are synthesised

Tantiwechwuttikul, R., & Yarime, M. (2018). Financing Solar Photovoltaic Transitions: From Utility to Residential Market Adoption in Emerging Economies (ADBI Working Papers No. 856).

Tantiwechwuttikul, R. (2018). Accelerating Solar Photovoltaic Adoption. In Y. Katsuma (Ed.), 持続可能な地球社会をめざして: わたしのSDGsへの取組み (Towards Sustainable Global Society: My Challenge for the SDGs) (pp. 156–157). Tokyo: Kokusai Shoin.

[1] 2017 “Solar photovoltaic market adoption: Dilemma of technological exploitation vs technological exploration” R. Tantiwechwuttikul, M. Yarime, K. Ito; EcoDesign 2017 International Symposium, Tainan, Taiwan (Dec 1, 2017)

[2] 2017 “Sectoral systems of innovation: A case study of solar photovoltaics” R. Tantiwechwuttikul, M. Yarime, K. Ito; The Fifth International Conference on Sustainable Development, New York, USA (Sep 19, 2017)

[3] 2015 “Perovskite Solar Cells: The Next Promising Technology?” R. Tantiwechwuttikul, K. Kawashima, H. Koinuma, K. Ito; EcoDesign 2015 International Symposium, Tokyo, Japan (Dec 4, 2015)

Association of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth of Thailand

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