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Orlando Vargas Rayo
Master Student
Date of Enrolment
October 1, 2014
Primary Advisor
Orlando is an economist and specialist in Amazonian Studies from the National University of Colombia. He has a special interest in applied research related to environmental policies in areas with multiple social, environmental, and economic variables compromised.

In his academic field, he is an affiliated researcher of the Evolutionary and Institutional Economy Research Group, as well as an affiliated researcher of the Group Regional Development in the Amazon. His research has been focused on the applied use of Agent Based and Social Networking Models for the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest. He also was coordinator during two years of the Student Research Group in Economic History. His academic work has allowed him to present his work in national and international seminars.

Throughout his professional career, he has been a researcher in the Administrative Office of Natural Protected Areas of Colombia, where his research was focused in the financial sustainability of the natural protected area system. As well, he has worked for a consultant company getting involved in researches about public policy related to environmental and development issues for different governmental ministries.
Research Title
My research is focused in the economic, ecological and social factors, expressed by a social network, that affect the decision process about the use of forest resources, by the inhabitants of the city of Leticia, in the south Colombian amazon. With the aim to develop a sustainable forest use strategy for the region.
Reserch Keywords
Ecological economics, Amazon Rain forest, Social networks, Decision making, Sustainability
Research Interests
Natural resource management
Agent Based Models
Approach to informality in the labor market: An agent-based modeling. Published in Econografo EE No. 07, Bogota, School of Economics, National University of Colombia. 2011. ISSN: 2011-6292.

Agent-based modeling of labor market regulation and control of political power. Published in: National Conference of Research and Development - ENID 2011, Bogota, Research Office, National University of Colombia. 2011. ISBN: 978-958-719-953-6.

Participation in the XIII Critical Economy Sessions “The costs of the crisis and building alternatives.” with the paper “Informality and labor formality from a network analysis. Notes on Colombia.” Seville, Spain, February 9, 10 and 11 of 2012.

Participation in the symposium “The formation of tax structures in Latin America: colonial legacy, liberal regulations and federal forms.” Section XVIII and XIX V Latin American Congress of Economic History. With the paper: “Federalism in Colombia: History of the Sovereign State of Cauca.” Montevideo, Uruguay, November 23 to 25 of 2011.