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Doctoral Student
Date of Enrolment
April 1, 2014
Primary Advisor
Keisuke Hanaki
I grew up in Ibaraki, Japan and Texas, the United States. Before coming to GPSS, I was at the University of Washington where I spent my undergraduate and master's life. My academic background is in Engineering. My work experience includes an internship at a paper manufacturing company, and a technical staff at National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tsukuba, Ibaraki.

Outside of school, I love yoga, jogging, reading, participating in educational outreach activities, and most importantly eating food from all around the world.
Research Title
Extensive environmental impact assessment of information and communication technology: case of e-book reader
Reserch Keywords
Life cycle assessment, lifestyle and consumption change, ICT, organic electronics, e-book reader
Research Interests
Methodology development in life cycle assessment, quantification of environmental impact, quantification of societal impact, reliable data generation
Eri Amasawa, Naoki Sasagawa, Mutsumi Kimura, and Minoru Taya. "Design of a new energy-harvesting electrochromic window based on organic polymeric dye, cobalt couple and PProDOT-Me2" Advanced Energy Materials, 2014, 14, 400379, DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201400379
Eri Amasawa, Tomohiko Ihata, and Keisuke Hanaki "Environmental efficiency based on consumer-defined quality of a product: case with e-book reader" The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, the 11th annual conference, Kashiwa, Japan, March 2-4 2015

Eri Amasawa, Takashi Ohta, Tomohiko Ihara, and Keisuke Hanaki. "Lifecycle assessment of AMOLED display for a smartphone", The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, the 10th annual conference, Kobe, Japan, March 9-11 2015

Eri Amasawa, Susan Lim, SooYeun Kim, Minoru Taya, Naoki Sasagawa, and Mutsumi Kimura. “Design of Energy-Harvesting Electrochromic Window”. 8th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (PRCIM-8) conference. The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society. Hawaii, the United States, August 2013. Oral presentation

Tomohiko Ihara, Eri Amasawa, Yutaka Genchi. “The evaluation of the environmental impact and human health caused by the changes in lifestyles through the realization of life science innovations.” The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, the 5th annual conference, Sendai, Japan, March 2-4 2011
Best Oral Presentation, The 11th Meeting of the Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan, March 2016

Best Poster Award, GPSS-GLI Program Review Session, April 2016, October 2015

Asia Nano Forum, 1st place, "No nano, no food" January 2014

SNC Lavalin Honorable Mention, Environmental Innovations Challenge, April 2013

Best Poster Award, Graduate and Professional Student Senate Science and Policy Summit, University of Washington, May 2011