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Doctoral Student
Date of Enrolment
October 1, 2013
Primary Advisor
Professor Riki Honda
James had his undergraduate degree in civil engineering major in structural engineering at The University of the Philippines (UP). An advocate of environmental education and leadership, he pursued his graduate studies in urban engineering specializing in environmental systems design at The University of Tokyo (UT) where he became involved in disaster-related projects in Japan, Philippines and Thailand. At the moment, James is now engaged in his dissertation incorporating the concept of Resilience to Decision-making in Post-disaster Reconstruction under the PhD program of sustainability science at UT.
Research Title
Exploring the Role of Risk Transfer in Post-disaster Housing Recovery Decision-making in the Philippines
Reserch Keywords
disaster recovery, social behavior, risk perception, financial resilience
Research Interests
Disaster Risk Management, Sustainable Infrastructure Development, Conflict Resolution, Project Management
Coastal Engineering Journal. Technical Note (for Final Review). “Challenges in Build-Back-Better Housing Reconstruction Programs for Coastal Disaster Management: Case of Tacloban City, Philippines.” World Scientific.

10th International Symposium on Southeast Asian Water Environment in Hanoi, Vietnam (2012). Conference Proceeding: "Effect of Household Practices to Disease Cases during the 2011 Flooding: A Case Study in Ayutthaya Province, Thailand."
International Symposium in Intra-urban Dynamics and Health in Paris, France (2013). Oral Presentation: Investigation on the Effect of Environmental Management and Socio-cultural Practices to Dengue Fever Disease Outbreaks in the Philippines.