Sustain Cafe

Sustain Cafe is a voluntary student activity which provides and serves as a platform for students of GPSS-GLI to discuss issues related with sustainability. For this session, the students choose the discussion centered on UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)-Lima declaration, 2014. This declaration was in run up to the Paris UNFCCC-COP (conference of parties) session where a binding agreement is expected to be signed in 2015.

The session involved a small presentation followed by the discussion. In the presentation, the historical evolution of the concept of CBDR (common but differentiated responsibility) and equity was introduced. A special mention was given to transition of CBDR to CBDRRC (common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities) in the Lima session. These issues were discussed in context in context of the developing world as majority of the audience were from the developing world.

During the discussion, the audience noticed the scant regard given to climate change by the national media in their respective countries. Further, some noted that the rise of right wing political sentiments in many countries had failed to recognize climate change as a global priority. In the end, three possible scenarios were discussed in the session namely business as usual, reforming the system and polishing the system. Majority of the student were of the opinion that the global negotiations were oriented towards polishing the systems by preserving the status quo prevailing in the world without trying to reform the system.



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