Student Seminar

The GPSS-GLI Student Seminar is the peer learning forum for all the students in this program. This weekly seminar provides students from various backgrounds with the opportunities to present their research to other students and faculty members. The inter-disciplinary nature of this seminar intends to improve student’s presentation skills, to inspire research of Sustainability Science, and to give opportunity to learn the wide range of disciplines’ knowledge, concepts, and methodologies related to Sustainability Science. In this sense, the GPSS-GLI seminar is regarded as the main pillar of our program, and one of the indispensable pillars for implementing inter-disciplinary approach for creating Sustainability Science. We hope that this seminar will develop the future of Sustainability Science.

GPSS-GLI Seminar has started since October 2012. In this seminar, we randomly divide all the students into three groups to give students more opportunities to make presentations and have more time for discussions in a vibrant atmosphere. The GPSS-GLI Seminar is held from 12:45 to 14:45 every Friday.

  • The number of master and doctoral students is distributed as evenly as possible among the three groups, which is decided randomly regardless of field of research. Each group has 17-18 students.
  • One PhD Coordinator is selected in each group to organize the seminar. PhD Coordinator’s main roles are: Management of the seminar and Enhancement of the discussion. PhD Coordinator will closely work with presenters and Assistant Professors in each group for: making the presentation orders, allocation of discussants, allocation of coaches etc.
  • Two or three presentations are made at every seminar session, followed by time for questions from the discussant(s) and the audience. One round of presentations should take about six weeks.